Assistance of dependent persons

At Edades Tarragona we offer services aimed at the assistance and care of people with different degrees of dependency and of any age, managing each case in a personalised way, and with maximum dedication and care.

Cuidado ancianos Tarragona

Personalised care for dependents:

  • Personal cleanliness: maintaining the user’s body hygiene.
  • Special attention to the maintenance of personal hygiene for bedridden people.
  • Control of prescription medicines.
  • Adaptation to daily life, we help you and teach you how to carry out your daily tasks, in your domestic environment.
  • For those users who cannot eat on their own, we help them at lunchtime. We will also look for technical aids to help you become as independent as possible.


The human value towards dependent people, the proximity and the treatment of person to person as a form of social enrichment, are our work philosophy. Thus, we ensure that the people under our care have everything that makes their life as complete and pleasant as possible, providing quality of life.

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