Child care service


At Edades Tarragona we have services for the care of children or babysitters in the province of Tarragona.

It is very important to select a person who will take care of your child, as the well-being and trust we place in them depends on this person. At Edades we have a very exhaustive selection protocol, carried out by our psychologist, and we always ask for experience and references.

  • Selection of the best carers
  • Support from our psychological team
  • Review of homeworks
  • English speakers babysitter
  • Accompanying and picking up from school
  • Food and medication control.

Childcare in Tarragona

It is becoming increasingly difficult to reconcile family life and work, mothers and fathers working, commitments and many situations that make it impossible to provide all the necessary attention and care for their children. This is why more and more parents are contracting childcare services, so that they can continue to take care of their children’s education while they are away.

At Edades Tarragona, we are experts in the care of elderly and dependent people, and we also offer babysitting services for babies and children. Our baby sitters are adapted to your needs, they can accompany you to school and extra-curricular activities, give you food, clean you up and even for your homework. Or simply play with them until their parents arrive.

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